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Sell my home in Montgomery County, Maryland

How to install non

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Location Of Registry Files In Windows 7

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Best dating sites for over 50

Many local newspapers had online personals in the mid 1990s but were bought out by these big dating sites. From some of the comments it really shows how desperate dating sites are for money that they even advertise in comment sections. You have a much

Projects to help sell your home

5 Home Projects to boost your Resale Value

5 Home Projects to boost your Resale Value Driving? Hit play below or listen on YouTube–> 5 Home Projects to boost your Resale Value 1) Paint Stick with neutral colors throughout, like whites, beiges, or soft grays. “It’s fine when there’s an accent wall or

Spring housing inventory

Spring opportunities – Inventory not found online

Spring opportunities – Inventory not found online Happy Spring!  Looks like peak Cherry Blossoms and beauty are upon us  My son Kirby is on his High School JV baseball team, and Brody is with the Sandy Spring Falcons travel team. Kirby has been playing 2nd

5 tips to sell your home Maryland

5 Steps to Sell Your Home

Selling your home in this whirlwind of a market? Start with these 5 easy steps: 💪 Understand your negotiating power 🔨 Declutter and make necessary repairs 📃 Gather your paperwork 🧘 Accept that compromise is inevitable 🤝 Enlist help from a pro Early Get more

Buying a home how to prepare in this hot market

Buying a home – How to prepare in today’s Hot Market

Buying a home – How to prepare in today’s Hot Market Driving? Listen here Buying a home? you may have heard it’s a tough market for buyers. Welcome to the Wild Wild West. If you want an ice cube’s chance in hell to compete

Selling your condo do this first

Selling your Condo – Do this FIRST

When Selling your Condo – Do this FIRST Driving? Hit play below or listen on YouTube–> Selling your Condo – Do this first If you own a condominium and are thinking of selling it, make sure your Real Estate Agent helps you do this FIRST.

Getting ready for Closing – Buying your home

Getting ready for Closing – Buying your home Driving? Hit play below or listen on YouTube–> Get ready for Closing – Buying your home As you get closer to your Settlement Day, make sure you have taken care of the following! 1) Make sure you

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!   Just a quick note to wish you and your loved ones the very best. (Click this image to watch my video message ) Linus:  “In the year 1621 the Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving feast. They invited great Indian Chief Massasoit who brought

october housing sellers market

October housing

Montgomery County housing – Fall/Winter 2021 Looks like this winter will continue with strong demand for housing. Good news for sellers…   October saw a significant reduction in the number of homes listed in Montgomery County. With this shortage of new listings we saw

9 tips buying and selling your home

9 Tips for buying and selling Your HOME at same time

9 Tips for buying and selling Your home at same time Selling your home when you still need to shop for a new one can feel daunting to even the most seasoned homeowner––especially when the demand for new homes keeps rising, but the supply feels

Americana Centre Rockville townhomes and condos

Americana Centre walk-through

From the campus to downtown It is my opinion to this day that the Americana Centre condominiums present the best VALUE in Rockville.  It’s campus sits on what must be some of the most expensive real estate.  It is part of the actual Downtown Rockville

Thomas Village townhomes in Sandy Spring, Maryland

Thomas Village in Sandy Spring

Thomas Village • Sandy Spring THOMAS VILLAGE LANE – MUTUAL PLACE Luxury townhome living in ‘downtown’ Sandy Spring.  Amazing views from the top level roof patios. Approximately 3000 square feet of modern living in a small town feel.  The Legal Subdivision is listed at Olney

end unit Sandy Spring Village townhome

Sandy Spring Village neighborhood

Sandy Spring Village Take a tour of Sandy Spring Village end unit townhome and the neighborhood. Get more information and see what’s currently available For Sale and rent=> Sandy Spring Village    

New elevator condos at Norbeck Crossing in Silver Spring

Norbeck Crossing condos in Silver Spring

Elevator condos at Norbeck Crossing Take a tour of top floor condo in the Norbeck Crossing community. Available condos, townhomes and houses listed for sale here, Norbeck Crossing        

Olney youth baseball at Olney Manor Park

Homes you can’t find

Homes not found online Today there are 16 available homes For Sale in Olney as I write this…If I can provide you at least 1 address of a home that is not listed on the internet and will become available in Olney in the next

Townhome for Rent

Help with finding a Rental property

Rentals can be a pain $30 a pop to apply can add up quickly.  Finding and securing a rental can be very frustrating.  And that is assuming you have quality references, good income, and solid credit history. You can do everything right but still find

Barnsley Manor Estates townhomes in Olney, Maryland

Barnsley Manor

Barnsley Manor Estates This community also has single family detached homes. These townhouses range from aprox 1,900 to 2,300 square feet, plus the basement.  They are nice open layouts with high 9 feet ceilings on all floors, including the lower level basement.  Big windows and

Trotters Glen Golf Course

Trotters Glen

Trotter’s Glen new homes in Olney, Maryland Luxury home neighborhood under construction.  Several sites are complete, but Lots remain available. This was the Trotter’s Glen golf course nestled back in the southern part of Olney. Going north on Georgia Avenue, you’ll make your first right