Getting ready for Closing – Buying your home

Getting ready for Closing – Buying your home

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As you get closer to your Settlement Day, make sure you have taken care of the following!

1) Make sure you have the Title Company’s “Wiring Instructions“.  It’s a good idea to wire the needed funds to the Title Company, at least a couple of business days before closing day.  Even though it’s a Wire, funds are not immediately available to the Title Company.  Thus, don’t wait until closing day to go to your Bank and send this wire.

2) Confirm with your Lender the amount needed for closing.  Most times, the lender can provide an exact amount. Sometimes an exact amount is not available. If this happens, get an estimate. And round up to be safe. The Title Company will give you back any difference, at closing.

3) Be very careful about ANY expenses during this process.  I have seen loans killed because the lender did one last check on the buyers’ credit and new purchases showed up, which affected their debt ratios.  Please hold off until AFTER closing :))

4) Think about getting a Home Warranty.  This is something I highly recommend for 1st-time buyers.  Basically it’s insurance to minimize any costs if certain appliances break.  You can read more here,

I will have a Home Warranty Invoice made up for you, so it’s there if you decide to proceed with it.  It can be purchased up to a week after your closing day… most buyers proceed on closing day.  To get help with all of your questions, call Debie Gentry 410-684-4677 or email — and ask about the “Realtor Choice Home Warranty” (I get NO compensation if you use her).

5) Confirm who your new utility companies will be for electric, gas, water, sewer, cable.  Call them at least 3 days BEFORE your closing day and they will let you know how to proceed.  This is important to ensure that nothing is turned off on you, since the Seller will be calling them as well.
Pepco –
Washington Gas –

6) Put in your ‘Change of Address‘ request with the Post Office.

7) Condos – Find out if there are certain move-in days, any move-in fees, and a specific elevator you’ll need to reserve and acquire a key to use.  These details are typically found in the Condo Documents you were given.

8) Plan to meet me at the property for our Final walk-through Inspection.  This is usually done on the same day as your Closing, right before we head over to the Title Company.  Make sure we have confirmed this final walk-through, and I’ll see you at our agreed upon time.

9) Bring your ID to closing.

You are almost there… I’ll see you soon! 😊

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