Spring opportunities – Inventory not found online

Spring opportunities – Inventory not found online

Happy Spring!  Looks like peak Cherry Blossoms and beauty are upon us ☀🌷
Brody basketball Final 4My son Kirby is on his High School JV baseball team, and Brody is with the Sandy Spring Falcons travel team. Kirby has been playing 2nd base and pitching. Brody is finishing up his Olney Basketball season. They’re in the Final 4 this weekend.

During this time of year I get asked about the real estate market often.

One of the most frequent inquiries right now from both Buyers & Agents is “…what homes do you have coming on the market?” This has been heightened more than ever, given our continued lack of housing inventory.

As a buyer, it is quite the task to beat out other buyers and ratify a contract. At minimum you must jump on a property the moment it hits the internet sites (realtor.com, bjmatson.com, etc). Go see the home, and get an Offer in quickly to give yourself any chance.

Thus, whatever real estate listings I have coming up that aren’t out there and fully marketed to the general public yet, can be valuable information for buyers who are actively looking. Also, we Agents talk amongst ourselves and exchange info all the time. i.e. I have these buyers who are looking for this type of property and at this price, do you have anything similar you are putting on the market?

As someone who is part of my network, I want to provide you with this information. Maybe it will help you, or someone you know who is having a hard time landing a home.  Or maybe they are getting ready to start looking. IN TURN, this helps me and my clients.

These can not be found on the internet.  This is an opportunity to get information, photos, and even drive by the property.  Basically enable you to get your due diligence done and be the first to make an Offer.  This is a benefit I share with my Buyer clients.  Also helpful to my Seller clients, it is another spoke on the marketing wheel to get their Home in front of the maximum # of potential buyers.

Will hit the internet/market and be marketed to the public at the end of this month
• House in Ashton
• House in Olney – near Olney Mill

Early April
• House in Silver Spring 20906 (Blake HS)
• House in Poolesville
• Townhome in Norbeck Manor (Rockville off Muncaster Mill)

Spring housing inventoryMid April
• House in Damascus

• downtown Silver Spring condo
• Bethesda house

This list evolves and I will have future updates for you.  Do you know anyone who might benefit?  Don’t hesitate to call me at any point to see exactly what is coming up that might fit what you are looking for!

I wrote the following articles.  If you own a condo and/or you are thinking of buying, they are worth a quick read.
• Selling your condo – Do this first — https://www.bjmatson.com/selling-condo-do-this-first/
If you own a condo and are thinking of selling it, make sure that your Agent helps you do this. You will avoid a lot of frustration down the road if you make sure this is handled upfront.

• Buying in today’s super competitive market — https://www.bjmatson.com/buying-home-prepare-hot-market/ Welcome to the Wild Wild West. We’ve never experienced such a tough market for Buyers. Discouraged? I don’t blame you! Here are a few ideas to help position you as best you can.



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