Help with finding a Rental property

Rentals can be a pain

$30 a pop to apply can add up quickly.  Finding and securing a rental can be very frustrating.  And that is assuming you have quality references, good income, and solid credit history.

You can do everything right but still find yourself without your new rental lined up.  It’s important you act quickly.  There are many self-serve sites for rentals.  Using an Agent is not for everyone.  Many Landlords will try to find a new Renter on their own, to save costs.  I find this more true with the homes that are cheaper to rent.  The higher rent homes make more sense to use an Agent.  The bar is raised when the price goes up.  These landlords are able to get Renters who pose lower risk;  higher income, stronger credit, with solid background references.

Real Estate Agents will work with renters that they know can get approved.  A Landlord knows that using a good Agent will get him/her quality applications.  THE best way to avoid renter nightmares is to vett potential candidates upfront.  Careful due diligence pays off.

Do you have good credit, good income, and solid references?
If YES, the rental properties you will find here on would love to have you apply.

Additionally, you will have the highest quality Agent to assist you through the process… me.
I can also send you quality properties you won’t find on the internet.
I look forward to hearing from you!

BJ Matson Real Estate Agent



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