Homes you can’t find

Homes not found online

Today there are 16 available homes For Sale in Olney as I write this…
If I can provide you at least 1 address of a home that is not listed on the internet and will become available in Olney in the next week or so, would you be interested?
This will give you the opportunity to research the property and drive the neighborhood before other buyers know about it.

Today I know of 4 townhomes and 1 detached single family home that will be up For Sale within the next week.  You will not find these on the internet until they are officially on the market and listed For Sale.  For everyone to view.  They are located in these Olney neighborhoods;

Cashell Manor
Fair Hill Farm
James Creek
Oatland Farm
Snowdens Manor

Contact me and let me know where YOU are looking…  Olney, Rockville, Silver Spring?
Every week my list changes.  I’ll be able to confirm other homes that will be going up For Sale. You won’t find them online.  Until everyone is able to see them.

BJ Matson

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